Graphic Design

Are you in need of fabulous graphics for your business or your social media channels? Sumter’s Web Design will create beautiful graphics just for you, ranging from your logo, branding, visual identity and every kind of graphic design. We offer a comprehensive set of graphic design services for boosting your business and online images across multiple social media channels.

Web Design

At Sumter’s Web Design, we make use of the latest technology to build and design a mobile optimized, visually stunning and easily managed website for our clients. Whatever your need, be it a simple website, a small project, or a sophisticated online store, we can create the perfect website for you. When you use our services, be assured of a full responsive website that will look great and work perfectly.  A website that is easily accessible whether your visitor is using a desktop PC, a tablet or a mobile device.

Advanced Web Development

People often lump web design and web development together, but on the contrary, they both have different meanings. The term web design governs everything involved with the visual layout and other visual element of the website. On the other hand, advanced web development is the use of web language and software tools in developing your web pages to bring the visual features into life. It involves the development of your web pages with lots of features like the dynamic pages or log in sections. All these services we render at Sumter’s Web Design, all to give your website that perfect look.

Web Maintenance Service

If you are running an out dated website and any old version of softwares it could be harmful for your business and makes your website vulnerable to hackers. Or your website may already be optimized and attractive but with Sumter’s web maintenance services you don’t have to worry about its reputation and maintenance. We at Sumter’s, keep you hustle free by doing necessary website updates and issue handling so that your website can run smoothly. So, if you are struggling with these issues, Sumter’s are here to help you!

Web Content

Web content is a key factor for your website as it is the main valuable marketing tool of any business. A good website is judged by not only the amount of web content but the content quality. Quantity is also important in web content though this is dependent on the nature of your website, as the content should be well detailed and informative. Every single web content should be balanced, composed of great and unique images and videos where necessary with captivating texts and important keywords. At Sumter’s Web Design, we help in building original content for your website, ranging from texts, images or videos. We understand that your web content should be Unique and original and be related to the subject of your business to fulfill your client’s expectations and needs.

Advanced Analytic & Monitoring

Analytics is a very important tool for website performance, and it is important for any company to have an insight about their website traffic and how it is responding to their marketing campaigns or to the SEO effectiveness.  Analytics helps you to get basic information about your website performance such as, page traffic, page view in each visit, your landing page results, goals, loyalty, bounce rates, and the average time on your website.  No doubt, the use of analytics will help you analyze your content such as your texts, videos or graphic design which gives you an update on your visitor’s reactions to your website contents.

There are many results derivable from analytics; it also displays the country and region of your visitors which gives you an insight into your local and international view rates. At Sumter’s Web Design, we offer full range of services which can help you to understand your website performance. We can set up the analytical codes into your pages and explain how you can take advantage of this tool to understand your website traffic situation.


It is no doubt that there is an increase in the growing population of Smartphone users. And in line with this development, Google has announced it will be taking mobile-friendliness into account and there will be massive demotions of websites that are not mobile friendly.

Designing your website to be mobile friendly is not only important for Google ranking, but also for Users experience and mobile usage. It ensures good functionality of your website and clients visits your website often if its user friendly. In Sumter’s, we create a mobile friendly website which gives easy access to your clients which will be of great benefit to your business.


Every website should have a SEO, as this is the only way the website can be displayed in one of the first places on a Google search result. SEO is the abbreviation form of Search Engine Optimization and when your website is not ranked on the first page for any terms, it means you are not getting the much needed traffic. There are two ways to enable your website to be included in top Google search results, one of them is paying for advertising which is known as “Sponsored Links”, and the other way is through organic search results. At Sumter’s, we can take your website to the top of Google search results.

With our team of experts with the requisite tools and valuable information about keyword research, SEO, social media, content building, video optimization, PPC campaign management, and much more, be sure we will prepare your site to appear in the first position in the organic Google result as this will make your website more profitable to your business.To increase website  visits and sales, you need to get more web exposure and Sumter’s is here to render all the services you need about SEO to give your business a great online presence and influence.

At Sumter’s, we are experienced in finding the best keywords to increase the visibility of your website on search engines, thereby increasing your website traffic and generating more revenues for your company.

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