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Are you looking for a reliable website designer for your business?

Look no further, Sumter’s Web Design is here to build, redesign and maintain your website all at an affordable rate. Our strategies are unique and driven by what works best in line with modern trends, so we will design a perfect website with a high conversion rate, a website good enough to attract clients to your business. At Sumter’s Web Design, we recognize the value of solid information architecture design and that integrative branding which engages your customers from the first stop at your site.

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5 Principles of Our Work

We understand that at this trying time, many companies and business owners are in dare need of a creative means of stimulating their business. And considering the prevalent use of online advertising and marketing today, most transactions are now being carried out online, thus a company without an online presence may be relegated by competitors. Therefore, a well designed and organized website is certainly the most important requisite for a business owner.  With a good website, a business owner projects the image of his business online thereby attracting and satisfying his clients.

Our Process

  • 1. Discovery

    In this phase we will discover about client’s project and root out its requirements.

  • 2. Strategy Consult

    Our strategy consultant will then meet client and devise a strategy best suited for the client and requirements.

  • 3. Homepage Wireframe & Styling

    Here we will create a wireframe model for the homepage. It will allow us to define the information hierarchy for the homepage making it easy for us and clients to plan a layout. In this stage we will also start styling of the homepage as per the defined layout.

  • 4. Homepage Content due from Client

    In this phase we expect our clients to provide the content for homepage so that we can proceed to concept phase.

  • 5. Homepage Concept

    Here we will design the homepage concept to create an interacting and more guiding experience for the website users.

  • 6. Additional Page Layouts

    Here we will use additional page layouts as per the client’s requirements to create a best interactive design.

  • 7. Development

    Here we will start developing the page after finalizing all the layout and content requirements.

  • 8. Launch

    After the development is complete and analyzed, we will launch the website.

Sumter's Web Design & Hosting

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