FAQ and common information that we are usually asked about

All of our websites are built custom for your business. You give us a general idea of what you’re looking for and we will do the rest. Check out some of our most frequent questions to get started.

How do payments work? Do you have Money Back Guarantee?

We require a 50% deposit before we will start any work on a website for new customers. All payments are invoiced through PayPal to protect both us and the consumer. With PayPal you can pay using your PayPal account, bank account, or any major credit card. Click here for more info on PayPal.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality professional services along with great customer service. If there are any problems we will do our best to resolve them or provide you with your money back. Our refund policy is as follows.

100% Refund of deposit if

  • Prior to showing of any design layout, no questions asked, or
  • Both sides can’t agree on design or website layouts.
  • Applicable to all plans.

Refund Restrictions

  • Refund is not allowed once both sides agree on design and provisions.
  • Refund must be requested within 15 calendar days from date of order.
  • Refund not applicable on domain registration fees.
  • Refund not applicable on updates and add-ons on existing website.
  • Refund not allowed for any SEO services

What information should I have ready upon purchasing my design package?

We will need your company profile, contact info, products and services, and any other information you intend to present on your website. Any text that you want on your website you will have to provide.

How much input do I have in the design?

The more the better. The more information you give us about what you want for a design the better we can do to satisfy your needs. It’s your website, we just try to bring your vision to life.

Who writes the copy/text for each of the pages on the website?

You are responsible for writing the copy/text for your website. However, Sumter’s Web Design will place your supplied copy on the website for you. We also offer copy writing assistance at $50/page.

Do I have to use your hosting?

Absolutely not. We offer hosting strictly for convenience  You can pick any hosting company you want to host your website and we will build it there.

How much does hosting cost?

We offer 6 free months on all of our website design plans but after it runs out we charge between $5.99 and 14.99 per month or between $75.00 and $175.00 per year for full payment depending on the hosting you chose or is needed for your site. We also will purchase the first year of your new domain, after the first year the typical charge is around $15 a year thereafter.

Can I use my existing domain name?

Yes you can. We will build you website with an existing domain and/or hosting. It’s not a problem.

Do you offer e-commerce sites?

Yes we do. These sites need to get individual price quotes because every website need is different. These sites usually range between $1200 and up.

How does the whole process work when ordering a website?

Our main goal is to build you a website that not only looks great but gives you great results with your brick and mortar store, services, products, or anything else you offer.

Initial Consultation
All our services begin with a free initial consultation to determine your requirements. This helps us gather information about your company, services, audience, purpose, site goals, and more. You can fill out this initial form to help us with a lot of the initial information. Or feel free to call or email us.

We require a 50% deposit on your website design plan before we will start any of the design work. We require this deposit to ensure commitment from our clients to their project. This deposit is 100% refundable if there are any issues with your design. We also invoice payments through PayPal to protect us and the client. If you have any questions please try to clear them up before payment.

Collecting Your Content
You will provide us with the text and any other content for your website and any specific pictures you would like. We can provide you with access to thousands of royalty free stock photos. We also offer content writing for an additional charge.

Design Development
We ask you to provide examples of websites you really like, colors you like, and your competitors’ websites. Once you provide that information to us, usually within 2 working days, you get a creative “mockup” of what your website will look like when it’s completed. At this stage, you will work with us to decide what you want changed on the mockup.

Web Development
After receiving your final approval on the “mockup”, we will then begin building the website and web pages, incorporating the design and all of the content that you provide.

Pre-launch Evaluation
After the site is built, you will be able to view all pages to make sure everything is exactly how you want it. You will submit any desired changes to the copy and then give final approval before the site goes live.

Launching Your Website 
After final approval and payment has been received, your website will be published on your domain, and it will be visible to everyone online.

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